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Questions or Concerns before Joining OMGN
Forum » General Discussion » Questions for OMGN before joining
Joined: 13th Jun 2016
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31st Dec 2016

If you are considering joining OMGN and have a question ask us here and we will try to answer your question the best we can.

Thanks for Considering OMGN for your future Home of Gaming.
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Joined: 23rd Apr 2017
Rank: Member
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23rd Apr 2017


Just filled in the app form. Could not see PC was an option for gaming platform :/
Joined: 13th Jun 2016
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Likes 227
24th Apr 2017

Yeah sorry buddy but were a Playstation Community. If it said PC on google that is probably from along time ago.
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Joined: 4th Nov 2015
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2nd May 2017

I found you guys buy looking for a clan for bf1, what other games do you actively support? Any other ways besides here on the web to get in touch/ setup a game?
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Last Edit: 2nd May 2017 by Lost_in_shuffle
Joined: 6th Jun 2017
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6th Jun 2017

Finally followed the rules & registered!
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Joined: 20th Jun 2016
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1st Oct 2017

do you have to be a winder licker to join?
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Joined: 3rd Jun 2018
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3rd Jun 2018

I joined this group because it gets old always having to play with squeakers . Now i have a few questions after reading your rules . One reason i prefer to play with adults is i am Disabled and i suffer from TBI , traumatic brain injury . I tend to use profanity constantly ( hence the reason i'm looking for an adult group ) secondly i also make adult jokes very much as to me part of my gaming exp is to chat and joke around , most of my jokes would be of an adult nature and some may be considered racist ( which i am not ) but i have many black and latin friends who understand my jokes and sometimes throw one back . I am one who uses humor to bypass hate . i remember when i was a kid , a group of friends would sit around , telling jokes and having rank out comps . Is this group so full of Snow Flake Liberals that wish to control and suppress my freedom of speech which they may not like or understand ? Also I live in the USA and do have freedom of speech , Now Profanity is not against the law so Why would a us group want to try to suppress someones choice of words . Now You say you do not discriminate as per color , creed or disability ( yet you discriminate against age Hummm Double standard maybe ) also if you don't discriminate against disabled have you considered that a disabled member may not be able to control their speech / profanity , for example someone with tourette's syndrome and or TBI / traumatic brain injury . Now i'm not try,n to be a jerk but i wish to find a group of people who are adults and are ok with adult humor of adult content and in my opinion profanity is considered adult content as is jokes of an obscene nature !!! A lot of my online friends tell me i should be a comedian but i'm sure i won't be on abc or nbc but i'd get a spot on showtime or hbo as there is a difference between what type of content they would allow !!! A quote from a black comedian " I am Bridging the Racial Divide, One Joke at a Time " If any one would like to laugh and learn while gaming on ww2 add DailyBuzz420 , Plz send a msg regarding friends request thx ;-)
Last Edit: 3rd Jun 2018 by DailyBuzz420
Joined: 13th Jun 2016
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4th Jun 2018

I fail to see how we are discriminating against age when we have an age of who we prefer to play with just like you saying you don't want to play with squeakers. (What's the difference ?)

As far as language goes on swearing were all adults we all swear from time to time. I work with people that swear all the time so do I really want to hear someone constantly swearing in a time where I'm relaxing and trying to have fun ? Absolutely not. It's about being respectful to whom you are playing with. All of our guidelines are setup for common courtesy and being respectful. We also have members who have kids who do jump in with us from time to time so we try to keep this as much of a family oriented group as we can

If someone has a disability like what your talking about then it can't be helped and be overlooked.

I personally don't play COD WW2. Have it but don't play much.

You will find most groups have the same guidelines.

I appreciate you checking us out and sharing your concerns.
Joined: 3rd Jun 2018
Rank: Member
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4th Jun 2018

Good answer Joe ;-) 
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Forum » General Discussion » Questions for OMGN before joining
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