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Code Of Conduct


1)       Gamers who wish to participate with Older Mature Gaming Network(OMGN) must agree to and adhere to the OMGN Code of Conduct.

SECTION II. (Joining Requirements)
1)       This is a clan for Older gamers. The only requirement will a candidates age. The age requirement is 30 or older unless:
                  a)   They are a current member of OMGN in good standing, they will be grandfathered.
                  b)   They are a member’s CHILD that has demonstrated the ability to be mature and have been gaming with OMGN already.
               c) These individuals should be brought to the attention of the admins.
                  d)  By nomination by gaming Captain and at the discretion and consideration of the Admins.

1)       OMGN is a mature gaming community represented by members worldwide. A members actions reflect on the community and as such the following is expected of mature gamers:
                 a)  Cheating, hacking, game or system tampering will get your OMGN account BANNED.
                 b)  Discrimination is NOT be tolerated at all! Members will not discriminate against anyone regardless of their rank, age, race,                    creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, and/or                                         socioeconomic status at any time.
                 c)  Belittling any player and use of profanity, strong language, bad language, cursing, or swearing at other players – in any                          language – will not be tolerated.
                 d)  Harassment of any type, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, will NOT be tolerated. Harassment includes                           unwanted verbal and non-verbal communication manifested as events, gestures, or acts regarding a member’s rank, age,                       race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, and                                     socioeconomic status.
2)       Members who provoke, instigate, urge, or incite other members to some action or course which leads to a violation of the Code of Conduct, or causes any other inappropriate behavior, will be treated as if they had committed the act themselves.  This includes members who repeatedly cause unnecessary "drama” or take actions which provoke, instigate, urge, or incite other members to some action or course which causes "drama.” 
3)       What may not be offensive to you may be offensive to another gamer. Report the player to a higher up if they are an OMGN member and the Administration will deal with the member.
4)       Members found in violation of this section may be permanently dismissed from OMGN.  Furthermore, a member(s) who willfully file false accusations, or retaliate(s) against, another member(s) will be guilty of harassment.

1)       We ask for loyalty from all members in OMGN. We know that you may have other friends from other clans or communities but we work hard to build and maintain this community. We consider ourselves a family and should have each other's back. If it is discovered that you are recruiting OMGN members for other communities or clans, your OMGN account will be banned.
2)       OMGN was founded to be a safe environment for (older) gamers. It is to be understood that reflexes, hand to eye coordination, hearing impairment, or other disabilities contribute to personal insecurities whilst gaming. At no time will any member be ignored or discriminated because of gameplay. OMGN member will be treated equally and included in all areas of the clan including gameplay.
3)       When playing online, on a stream, or in a video, show your OMGN clan tag and speak of OMGN. It will help get the word out about our amazing group, everyone is a recruiter.

1)       OMGN Administration, Moderators, and Site Owners reserve the right to edit any public messages on our website forums and any other community page or site that we provide, for any reason and without notice.
2)       The OMGN Administration reserves the right to make the final decision on any member removal and member application approval.
3)       All members are accountable for themselves and their actions. Leaders within OMGN are NOT responsible for members who break rules. Punishments for violations will be administered through the OMGN Administration.
4)       OMGN Leaders at any level are held to a higher standard and are expected to enforce the COC and abide by the guidance.

1)       The Code of Conduct is a living document and the administration is constantly reviewing the documents for changes. Any or all of these rules are subject to change without warning.
2)       Ignorance of the COC is not an acceptable excuse. It is the member’s responsibility to periodically review the COC.


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