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OMGN Ranks

The member IS the purpose of the clan. No one should ever have the feeling they are above any member. The member is the most important part of OMGN and every care should be taken to ensure no one is left behind. Every effort should be taken prior to any member leaving or removing them from the clan. The purpose of leadership is to ensure that as many members as possible are enjoying themselves with other members of the clan.

No "leader" should micromanage but are to be there to keep things going!

Founder - Madson67
Administrators (3)  Gambil-Tbagr, Giller
Over all responsible for the administration of the clan. The Administrators should be in constant communication and brain storming ways to improve the clan. The Admins should always be available to every clan member and should always be willing to listen to grievances and concerns to anyone.
New Member Coordinator (1): BurnsIsBest
The new member coordinator approves applications to OMGN, ensures that new members are put into contact with Captains and Lieutenants of the games the new member plays and ensure they are in the proper chat rooms on Band. They should also be the first member to welcome them to the clan.

Recruiting Coordinator (1): Open Position
They will monitor recruiting posts to ensure the posts are bumped. Posting when necessary, keeping a list of approved recruiting sites and postings for each game. Determining new ways to recruit and staying in touch with the Captains ensuring they are recruiting for their games.

Game Coordinator (1): Open Position
Controls the clan calendar. Ensures the Captains have established gaming nights and those nights are set on the web site and Band. Watching for potential conflicts in the clan schedule.
Website Moderator (1): Primary moderator of the web site (not designer). As the moderator will ensure posts are within the OMGN guidelines and ensures any old posts are deleted.

Media Coordinator :Mumbles-ssfl,Gzusfr34k88
A team of members that gather clips from participating members of their game play for fun to promote OMGN,Give Ideas on Graphics/make graphics for social media

Website Moderator
Primary moderator of the web site (not designer). As the moderator will ensure posts are within the OMGN guidelines and ensures any old posts are deleted. They will also be responsible for posting news for various games.

BAND Coordinator (1): Giller
The Band coordinator will ensure we have the proper game chats identified and that any member that needs access to a new game chat will be given that access. They will ensure posts and chats are within the OMGN guidelines and will take necessary action if necessary.
Captain (1 per game, with exceptions)Call Of Duty- SneakyGreg, Battlefield 1- Open , Destiny 2- Open  Battlefront 2- Open ,Diablo 3-- Fubartheman Warframe- Tryn2keepup
The Captain is over all responsible for the administration of their respective game. They will ensure that the members are obeying the OMGN code of conduct and the Lieutenants are organizing players to keep them together. The Captain like the Administrators should always be available to listen to players concerns. They are over all responsible for their Band Chats, Web Site area, and recruiting postings. The Captain is the eyes and ears of the administration of the clan,THE BACKBONE OF THE CLAN,and are important to the overall success of the clan. They MUST play with multiple groups with in their games.

Lieutenant  Call Of Duty- IamBigBadBruin, riderinco  Battlefield 1-doughboyeaf, Destiny 2- Jawhits  Battlefront 2- Slayberdon Diablo3- Open Warframe- OPEN
The Lieutenant is the key to the Captains success and therefore central to the success of the clan. The Lieutenant will aid the Captain when necessary and organize clan members when they are online. LT's ARE THE COREof keeping clan members together and should be willing to play with anyone.

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